Pharmaceutical Compounded Products

Northcross Pharmacy has skilled pharmacists who specialize in compounding. We’re a compounding pharamacy able to manufacture a wide variety of creams, ointments, medicated shampoos, specialist eczema and psoriasis treatments, inhalations, ear drops, nasal sprays and more. If you have difficulty getting specialists preparations made, our pharmacists will be happy to help you.

Northcross Pharmacy Coal Tar Shampoo

Northcross Pharmacy’s Coal Tar Shampoo is made with Dr Gould’s Special Coal Tar Shampoo Formula. We manufacture our shampoo on-site and pack it in the original, unique, clear plastic shampoo bottle with a flip-top lid. Our Coal Tar Shampoo is useful for a variety of scalp conditions including dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. For best results, apply some shampoo, lather into the hair and scalp and wash out straight away. Then apply some more shampoo and lather in leaving it for at least 5 minutes. We recommend it is used every day to help control these conditions.

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